Sorry I.E. - My Readers Hate You

I’ve just finished doing my weekly Analytics trawl and noticed some interesting stats in my browser usage panel (stats shown are from 28th May 2010 to 4th June 2010):

  • Internet Explorer users are now a mere 3.8% of this blog. Around half of my traffic is from marketing help keywords and non tech sources which makes this even more staggering.

  • Compare these to May last year and Internet Explorer was over 35% of my visitors

  • Apple has overtaken Microsoft as the primary operating system of my readers. Last week Windows accounted for 3,480 unique visitors where Apple edged in at 3,505 (not counting an additional reach of 424 from iPhone). This has been a growing trend but the first week Apple has overtaken Windows.

  • This may be due to an increased uptake in North America. Living in Canada means most of my readers are now North American, not Australia. Regardless the slow increase of Apple products has been a general trend.

Oh how times have changed. My single blog is hardly statistically significant but the numbers are still interesting. I’m not a huge Apple fan personally but I can not deny seeing more and more Macbooks everywhere.