SEO: Don't Leave Your .com Behind

When I’m consulting with clients, specifically on SEO, we spend hours trawling through pain points and terms to optomize. Being a techie it is sometimes hard and easy to neglect those potential customers who are less technology oriented.

Sometimes, however, a reminder hits you like a tonne of bricks. One of my newest clients has written a book on converting narcissism and as always I was trawling though Google Analytics to see where she was already at.

Take a look at the top 5 keywords people use to find her book. The top, by a huge margin, is the title of her book! While this is certainly an indicator of bad optimization, there is also an older crowd who type in the name of your product / .com into a search engine instead of the URL bar. Especially if you are going via word of mouth, as Lisa’s fantastic book has, don’t forget to make sure you are right at the top of results for your own product name! It is not as cool but converts.

And what kind of Marketer would I be without dropping a plug? The book, You Might Be a Narcissist If, is a fantastic read on the inner workings of our brain and, put simply, how ego effects relationships.  Not only has Paul Meier, a co-author, been featured on Oprah but Lisa, the lead author, is a Psycotherapist and self-confessed recovering narcissist. The insights are amazing. Click here to buy a copy on Amazon.