Old Names

Microsoft are making major improvements to Hotmail. It was many years ago that I left Hotmail in favour of my Gmail account which provided a faster, cleaner and more intuitive offering then the slow, restricted and ad-heavy Hotmail of the time. I was using Hotmail back when it was an alternative to buying http://www.alexblom.com. Now I use Gmail to route in my alexblom.com e-mails because I love the user experience that much.

In other words,  Hotmail is old. Gmail is old but certainly not that old. Like Myspace & MSN Messenger (or should I say Windows Live?) Hotmail is a brand name I associate with when I was younger, when I had less serious uses of e-mail & online communication.

Hotmail served my needs back then but I’ve grown up and Hotmail never grew up (note: innovated) with me. I understand why, there were no strongly perceived threats to market dominance. Myspace and other services are lso stuck in this rut. No matter how much they innovate now it is too little to late, the chances of getting me back are slim to none. Worse, I look down on these services as childish.

Note: I do understand that not everybody will share my association with Hotmail / Myspace. The problem is, many do.