Cool Campaigns

I always love seeing it when people really get it. By any indication Volkswagen & Coca Cola do.

Starting with Volkswagens’, the marketing message is mundane tasks and habits can be changed by making them fun. Clearly we associate this with Volkswagen being fun; or making the mundane fun. Seems pretty simple and in line with the VW brand so far?

What separates this campaign is execution. No actors. They are performing social experiments and involving people with the Volkswagen brand (see below).

Moving over to Coke Zero and . Simply connect your Facebook account and Coke will analyse your profile photos and find a digital double. It’s kind of cool, takes a few clicks and certainly suckered me in. How does this relate to Coca Cola? Their latest campaign revolves around Coke Zero ‘stealing’ the taste of traditional Coke, a la a double.

Both campaigns have gone viral. Both are providing users with experiences based around brands. Both implicitly have the brand message. Most importantly, both are probably cheaper to produce than a single 30 second slot on a major network. I know both companies will still utilize television but, especially in the case of Volkswagen, these videos form ads on their own!

Why is this important for you? Both can easily be scaled for small business. You could replicate the bottomless garbage bin locally for less than $500, cheaper than a ¼ page newspaper advert in most cities (disclosure: I do not condone copying). Grab a handycam and put them on Youtube so those who missed out can take a look. Do you run a cafe across two cities? Why not find cross city look alikes! Local people become involved in your business.

*Just one mention makes this cost effective promotion (and typically local media is starved of excitement). It is also something different. People become excited and passionate. You have involved people far more than you would have ever done with a newspaper advert or television commercial for far less money.