Explaining Social Media - the Knockout

There is one thing you and I probably have in common. We are always explaining this ‘social media’ stuff and how it can be applied to business. The possibilities are endless really. I’m going to share my K.O. when in heated discussions with luddites and fear mongers.


I @‘ed some questions to Travelocity and received prompt responses. The following day I received a #followfriday from the Travelocity team.

For most of us Twitter is a hybrid; but one application is to put questions to a broader community and request feedback. It may be ‘has anybody had experience with company xyz’ or ‘I need a new mobile carrier – any ideas?’. Why shouldn’t a company be actively searching its industry and own name for potential leads (for 20 dollars a year many services will automate this for you).

So what happened? Travelocity won me over. Twitter is a free service and a tweet takes half a minute. 30 seconds alone won Travelocity $4-5,000ish of immediate business.