Playing With Traffic Spikes

3-4 weeks ago now I wrote a Squidoo lens titled ‘How to add your LinkedIN contacts to Twitter’ and forgot about it. Last week I decided to check in on how it was going – around 20 uniques visitors per day. Then I searched Google for keywords, including ‘how to add LinkedIN contacts to Twitter’ and ‘how do I add my LinkedIN contacts to Twitter’ and noticed the lens was ranked #1. I had written an updated version so thought, why not post it on my blog to help promote it?.

I did just that. I put a link at the top of the old lens informing people of the changes and linking them to the new resource, Tweeted the update to my followers (around then 1,800ish) and left.

12 hours later the article generated around 180 uniques! Looking at the traffic stats in Google Analytics I can see that Twitter referred over half the traffic, the Squidoo lens sent its fair share and I had a single hit from Delicious – somebody bookmarked me. 24 hours later Delicious hits have grown to near 25% of the traffic and continue on an upwards tend (as well as a few smaller bookmarking sites). The traffic was clearly qualified – with my Bounce rate going from 71% down to 42% and the LinkedIN / Twitter guide being the most viewed page here.